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【Kyushu Heavy Rain 2020 Floods Assistance】 Donation Account Closed

In July 2020, heavy rains struck the Chubu and Kyushu regions, including Kumamoto Prefecture, and caused massive damage to the areas. Since commencing emergency relief assistance at the onset of disaster, Civic Force received support from many donors through the end of March 2021. The donations were used to support rescue operations conducted by ARROWS (Airborne Rescue and Relief Operations With Search), relief item distributions, and collaborative projects with local NGOs. The donation account will be closed at the end of this month. Thank you all for your kind and generous assistance.

Our activities are highlighted here (Japanese language only). As a member of ARROWS, Civic Force aims to save as many lives as possible and provide speedy assistance activities in large-scale disasters. On March 6-7, ARROWS conducted a multi-sectoral joint disaster medical drill exercise.