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【Please Participate in Survey】 Survey on Living under Evacuation

The rainy season has been officially announced across Japan and the country has entered the season with possible natural disasters.

This year in particular, disaster response measures need to be revised to address COVID-19.

Civic Force has been providing emergency assistance across Japan since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and is now preparing to quickly respond for future disasters. As part of the efforts, Civic Force is conducting a survey on living under evacuation during disasters.

This survey is jointly conducted by Saga Prefecture’s NPO Disaster Assistance and Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Japan (A-PAD Japan) and targeted residents over the age of 10 who have experienced living under evacuation during natural disasters.

Please circulate the survey URL below:

Click here to take the survey “Living under Evacuation” by June 21, 2020.

(The survey consists of 15 questions in Japanese and takes only 3 minutes)

Results of this survey will be used to plan disaster response assistance and to secure improved evacuation living experiences. The survey results will also be shared through the media and our homepage. Thank you for your participation.


Executive Director, Kaori Neki