The Leading Disaster Relief Agency Civic Force



About Civic Force

Civic Force responds to domestic natural disasters in Japan.

Civic Force is a registered not-for-profit organization in Japan that was established in the wake of the Niigata Earthquake crisis of 2004. Our mission is to provide swift and effective emergency services in case of large-scale crises in Japan through two key interventions.

First, Civic Force’s emergency response teams, led by trained professionals, assess the relief needs and provide lifesaving assistance to the disaster victims in partnership with other organizations and volunteers.

Second, Civic Force facilitates coordination of national- and local-level disaster responses among government agencies, NGOs, and businesses. We play a critical role in ensuring communication and information sharing among partners and mobilizing volunteers, funds, and goods to support coordinated relief efforts.

We invite you to join us in aiding disaster victims.


  • Establish an International cooperating meshanism towards natural disaster and emergencies within Asia and the Pacific region. Achieve more fundraising success and smooth coordination. Promoting more mutual help among platforms.
  • Through civil participation, raisse the awareness of disaster prevention among individuals and create more opportunities for mutual understandings and cooperation among people of different nations.




Emergency rescue “Hybrid” platforms of respective nations help each other in case of disasters.


A message from our Chairman and Founder

Civic Force (emergency response team) responds to large scale natural disasters in Japan, and is established for realizing of more effective and prompt disaster relief by cooperating closely with NGOs, business community and government of Japan.

Start of Civic Force was originated from our experience from Niigata Earthquake of 2004. I went to the stricken area as a manager of NGO to offer large shelters which accommodated more than 400 people. However, communication between local governments was not smooth and took a few days to information or resources. On the other hand, we have cooperated with major supermarket and distributed the ration which was successful.

This episode made me reaffirm how large the power of the corporation under disaster relief. If the disaster relief associated organizations are in close contact with each other normally and be prepared for the disaster relief by confirming the plans for emergency, smooth action can be taken and be able to respond to people’s needs when there is an actual strike. Civic Force is the organization that manages and coordinates such preparation, taking the role of “Platform” where information, manpower, funds and resources are gathered.

Through information exchange and emergency drill, we strive for solidifying each other’s trust and relationship, enabling optimum action and rational decisions even in confusion of emergency. We also put great emphasis on introducing our idea to East and Southeast Asian countries, frequent victim of natural disaster, to organize a disaster relief “Platform” where NGOs, business community, and government to cooperate.

In future, if those “Platforms” could link up, aid reception from foreign countries get easier and more resources would be available for disaster relief. Serving the people that are victim of large scale disaster that might be striking in near future is the important mission for NGOs. We still strive for immediate response and try to save as much people as possible.

Chairman and Founder
Kensuke Onishi